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Fyning Recreation Ground – ideas and helpers wanted!

Fyning Recreation Ground

The 6-acre Fyning Recreational Ground, situated between Rogate and Rake, is one of the few areas of public ‘spaces’ wholly owned by the Parish. It can be reached from a parking place on Dangstein/Top Road or by a bridleway or footpaths from the north or south of the parish.  Its mixture of woodland, open ground and pathways are set within a perfectly circular ‘ridge and furrow’ boundary.  The log benches and more recently, the 75th VE Day Commemorative picnic table provided by the Parish Council are welcomed facilities for those who want to spend some time there.  The makeshift swings hanging from tree and dens set around tree trunks are clear signs that children are enjoying the place as well.

The Parish Council think there is potential for us to make more use of Fyning Recreational Ground.

Fyning Rec ideas and helpers information flyer