A272 – Antisocial Motorcycling

There has been some  progress on the campaign to deal with the real  nuisance and danger of excessive noise and speed of motorcycling on the A272.   The  Parish Council is represented on a group of Parish Councils and community led groups that involves Sussex MP’s, district and county councillors campaigning for greater police enforcement and the necessary change in the law.

The subject dominated the latest Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC- Katy Bourne) in the ‘Performance & Accountability Meeting’ held with the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Jo Skinner.  (These meetings are held monthly and are viewable online*).  The CC has acknowledged the significance of this issue and committed additional resources to tackling the problem.  Operation Downsway has been initiated which specifically targets speeding and antisocial motorcyclists on the A272 and was doing so in Midhurst on Sunday 9th March.   She has also committed to researching  new technology for detecting illegal motorcycle noise and engaging with local communities as part of Operation Downsway.

We have written to both the PCC and CC to ensure they are aware the problem is equally as acute in our Parish at the western end of the of their area of responsibility for policing the A272 and expressing our keenness to participate in an Operation Downsway engagement session in our locality.

We have applied for the necessary permits and licences to operate a ‘speed indicator sign’ the Parish Council has agreed to purchase.   The sign will be mounted on posts in one of seven different locations for two weeks at time (2 on the A272 in Rogate, 2 on the B2070 in Rake, 1 on the B2070 in Hillbrow and 1 on the Rogate Road near Durford Wood entrance).   Although not a solution to the problem of speeding vehicles, experience has shown they do have a positive impact on driver behaviour.

*Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex, July 2020 ‘Performance & Accountability Meeting’ with Chief Constable of Sussex Police was on Friday 31 July.   These are open to the public and viewable online – it can be viewed here Sussex Police

Katy Bourne OBE, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner
Sackville House, Brooks Close, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2FZ

Jo Shiner, Chief Constable, Sussex Police
Church Lane, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2DZ

COVID – 19

Rogate Parish Council thanks the volunteer groups in both Rogate and Rake who continue to help residents in need with whatever issues they may have – collecting prescriptions, walking the dog , shopping, chat . . . whatever they need, somebody will help where they can.



Do you want to help?

  • Join the local volunteer network – contact one of the facebook groups or as above
  • Give a donation to the foodbanks in Midhurst, Petersfield or Liss
  • Give a donation to the vicar’s discretionary fund 01730 821576


Planning – Under Covid-19 neighbour letters are NOT currently being issued

Planning notification letters

Planning neighbour letters and site notices – information from SDNPA

As a planning service, and given the current pandemic, our staff are not generally posting site notices themselves. However we are asking applicants to post their own site notices and provide photographic proof that this has been done. On a few occasions Chichester District Council (CDC) staff have posted the site notice where the applicant was unable to do so and where they were able to observe social distancing.

Regarding neighbour notification letters the SDNPA are currently sending such letters but CDC are not. This is their decision to take and it is a decision we, in light of the many difficulties inherent in the current situation, respect. It is not practicable for CDC officers to send these letters from home as CDC sends many hundreds of neighbour letters each month and officers do not have the printing capabilities to facilitate this remotely.

Neighbour notification letters are not required by law, provided that a site notice is posted. Therefore CDC’s actions are in line with legislative requirements. That said CDC’s position will be revisited as soon as circumstances allow and rest assured that CDC (and ourselves) are keen to see a return to ‘normal’ ASAP. In the meantime Rogate Parish Council will continue to receive a copy of our ‘weekly list’ which details all planning applications received in your parish. It is also possible for the Parish Council, or any member of the public, to register on our website and set up an area of search within which they want to be notified of submitted planning applications (when an application is submitted within this area they receive an electronic alert). It is possible to register a search area by postcode, parish, ward or even by drawing a custom search area of up to 500m. To access this function one must register at the following link:    planning link – register for area

Planning applications due to be considered at our next meeting are on our planning applications page