Rogate Parish Council voting decision-R&THA

Proposed transfer of property and engagements of Rogate and Terwick Housing Association (R&THA) to PHA Homes Ltd (PHA)

Rogate Parish Council hold one share of R&THA and therefore had to decide how to vote at their forthcoming Special General Meeting.  They unanimously decided to vote against the proposal with the following comment:

Rogate Parish Council’s position has always been clear.  In order to support R&THA and to vote in favour of the proposed transfer of property and engagements to PHA Homes Ltd, the Council has wanted to be sure that all options have been fully considered with due diligence.

We appreciate the work that R&THA has done over the years, and the support given more recently by PHA Homes Ltd.   However, the lack of information provided by R&THA, and their poor communications have resulted in our decision to vote against the proposal at the shareholders’ meeting next week as we do not believe all options have been considered.

Our decision in no way reflects on PHA Homes, and we recognise that the present proposal might well lead to a good route forward.

We suggest that any future proposal should be supported by an independent evaluation of options, including a local consultation.  We hope that this will enable the Parish Council to support a future proposal.