The household waste recycling site in Midhurst is well used,  and is a key asset for our community in rural North Chichester.

The Conservative led West Sussex County Council are considering shutting 2 of their 11 household waste recycling sites.  Shutting the Midhurst site would mean a loss of a vital service not just for Midhurst residents but for residents of all the rural villages surrounding the town.

Closure would inevitably mean more flytipping, already a blight on our beautiful countryside at a significantly increased cost that taxpayers would have to bear.

Closure would fly in the face of the Council’s climate change policy as many residents would have to travel long distances to another site.  30% of Carbon emissions in West Sussex come from transport it is key that these extra journeys are not encouraged.  The Liberal Democrat opposition at West Sussex County Council have been calling on the Council to make all their decisions through a green prism – once we have won the battle with Covid – climate change is the greatest threat we face this century.

Kate O’Kelly Lib Dem County Councillor for Midhurst is calling on the council to save the Midhurst tip! – Sign petition here