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Rogate & Rake Neighbourhood Development Plan – Referendum result

Rogate & Rake Neighbourhood Development Plan – Referendum result

We made it!! 

The majority of votes were in favour of accepting the Rogate and Rake Neighbourhood Plan

‘Do you want the South Downs National Park Authority to use the neighbourhood development plan for the Parish of Rogate to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

  • 19.5% turnout was disappointing.
  • 78.8% yes and 21.3% no – no spoilt papers
  • 113 postal votes
  • 81 Rogate polling station
  • 45 Rake
  • 239 total votes out of 1226 on electoral roll

With many thanks to Steve Williamson and everybody else involved in the process!

Rogate NPR Notice of Result

It’s the final hurdle; the concluding chapter; the last hoorah; we can see the chequered flag; our goal is in sight!  Yes, finally there will be a Referendum on 1st July at both Rogate and Rake Village Halls (from 7am-10pm) to agree the Rogate and Rake Neighbourhood Plan.  Please put a note in your diary and vote.  You are eligible to vote if you live in Rogate Parish and are on the Electoral Register.


The Plan includes policies that will guide decisions on development in the parish.  You can access the Referendum version of plan

It contains a Vision, eight Objectives and seventeen Policies – see below.

VISION:  During the Plan period, the quality, tranquillity and character of the natural and built environments will be safeguarded and improved for future generations, and the parish will become a more environmentally sustainable, vibrant and cohesive community for the benefit of all people living in, working in and visiting the area.

Objective 1 S Sustainability: To ensure new development is sustainable through maintaining and supporting the natural environment, natural resources, landscape and tranquillity of the parish.
Objective 2 NE Natural Environment: To conserve and enhance heathlands, woodlands, hedgerows, wildlife habitats and species, water systems, natural and agricultural resources and cycles; including how they combine to form the characterising views and tranquillity of the parish.
Objective 3 BE Built Environment: To retain, respect and strengthen the cultural heritage and rural character of the existing built form of settlements and their settings within the landscape whilst also encouraging high quality, including contemporary, designs, sustainable building practices and the use of building materials found in the local area.
Objective 4 H Housing: To meet the changing housing needs of the community especially for young people and the elderly wishing to remain in the parish.
Objective 5 EW Economy and Work: To support local enterprises and employment opportunities, including agriculture and horticulture, which contribute positively to the parish and are delivered without detriment to the local environment.
Objective 6 T Transport: To enhance the attractiveness of walking, cycling and public transport use and to create a safe and efficient environment for all road users.
Objective 7 E Energy: To reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of sustainable building techniques and renewable energy sources wherever possible.
Objective 8 CH Community Health, Well-Being and Amenity: To provide, maintain and improve access to the local countryside, public open spaces (POS), public footpaths and bridleways, outdoor and indoor recreational facilities, playgrounds and rivers, and all other means to support a diverse and mixed community.


Under each of the Objectives there are detailed Policies which can be seen in the Plan document 

NE1      Conserve, Protect and Enhance the Natural Environment

BE1      Deliver Locally Distinctive Design

BE2      Conserve and Enhance Rogate Conservation Area

H1        Define the Rogate Settlement Boundary.  The existing Rogate Settlement Boundary is amended to reflect the current built-up area of the village.  Anything outside this area is defined as Open Countryside and there are different policies inside and outside the Settlement Boundary.

H2        Limit Residential Development in the Open Countryside

H3        Control Conversions of Existing Residential Properties

H4        Limit Replacement Properties, Extensions and Annexes

H5        Provide for Local Housing Needs

H6        Allocate Two Sites suitable for Residential Development.  This is the key Policy as it defines where additional housing development will be allowed.  The total provision is limited by SDNPA and these sites resulted from extensive consultation.

A – Renault Garage and Bungalow, Rogate  – the site can accommodate 11 2/3-bedroom units and the plan shows a possible layout

B – Land on North side of London Road, Rake – the site can accommodate 2 units as it is constrained by the parish/district/county boundary (solid black line).  However, a subsequent planning application could extend over that boundary to allow for four units as originally planned.

EW1     Support the Rural Economy

T1        Encourage Sustainable Travel

T2        Improve Road Safety

T3        Provide Adequate Parking

E1        Provide for Renewable Energy

CH1     Designate Local Green Spaces.  Greater protection of our public open spaces is provided when they are designated as Local Green Spaces, so we have created nine, some of which are already defined as Village Greens (VG) although this does not provide any planning protections

      • LGS1: Rogate Recreation Ground
      • LGS2: Terwick Woodland
      • LGS3: Garbetts Wood
      • LGS4: Hugo Platt Open Space
      • LGS5: Oliver’s Piece
      • LGS6: Lupin Field, Terwick
      • LGS7: Fyning Moor (SSSI)
      • LGS8: Fyning Recreation Ground (VG24)
      • LGS9: Rake Recreation Ground (VG26)

CH3     Enable Development of Community Facilities


SDNPA Decision Statement

On the 15 April 2021, the SDNPA’s Planning Committee agreed the Decision Statement for the Rogate and Rake NDP.  This sets out the modifications that will be made to the Neighbourhood Plan in response to the Examiner’s recommendations.

The Rogate & Rake NDP has been modified accordingly and will proceed to referendum on 1 July 2021.


The SDNPA appointed John Slater BA (Hons), DMS, MRTPI as the Independent Examiner of the Rogate & Rake NDP.  The Examiner assessed whether it met certain legal requirements, known as the ‘basic conditions’, and considered the representations made on the Plan.  His Examiners report is available on the SDNPA website at the following:  Examiners report

The following documents have been completed and submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority and subsequently to an Independent Examiner.  A consultation period in accordance with Part 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) ran from 19th October to 14th December 2020.   The following documents are published on this website as part of the consultation under Publicising the Plan Proposal (Regulation 16):

The subsequent comments made on the Rogate & Rake Neighbourhood Plan (RRNP) are being considered by the Independent Examiner who will assess whether the RRNP meets certain legal requirements, known as the ‘basic conditions’.

The RPC responses to the consultation comments and the actions that it proposes  RPC Consultation Responses.   Also, the Independent Examiner has provided his initial comments to which both SDNPA and RPC have responded – Examiner’s Initial comments – Combined Response

This guidance note provides further information on the basic conditions and the next steps for the RRNDP.


Statutory stage Further information & documents
Submission of Plan Proposals Rogate Parish Council submitted the Rogate & Rake NDP and accompanying documents to the SDNPA on 1st October 2020.  The following submission checklist has been completed by the SDNPA:

Second Pre-submission consultation on the plan Rogate Parish Council carried a second Pre Submission consultation from 20 June to 18 August 2017

Pre-submission consultation on the plan Rogate Parish Council carried out their Pre Submission consultation from 23 October to 4 December 2015

Designated Neighbourhood Area The SDNPA designated the Rogate & Rake Neighbourhood Area on 14 March 2013 following an application from Rogate Parish Council.

Consultation on the proposed Neighbourhood Area A consultation on an application to designate Rogate & Rake Neighbourhood Area was held from 30 January to 14 March 2013
The Development of the R&RNDP