Rogate Parish Council has adopted the draft (V31) of the Rogate and Rake Neighbourhood Development Plan and is now embarking on the Pre-Submission Consultation process starting on 20th June for last 6 weeks and closing on 1st August 2017.

Our consultees were last contacted for comments on 7 April and we held a public meeting on 20 April. Since then the Parish Council has reviewed the comments and been in further discussion with a number of organisations.

Two significant changes have occurred. The main one regards the redevelopment of 1-4 Parsonage. There were strong views regarding development on the Parsonage and the need for additional parking spaces since the garage site has been lost to development. The Council initially thought that a smaller development of eight units plus an off-street car park would work but subsequent discussions about the viability cast doubt over it. It was also recognised that with the recent development next to 77 Parsonage and the redevelopment of the garages site, there was probably enough change in the area. At its 12 June meeting the Council resolved to remove the site altogether from the Plan.

The second change was to include Weavers Down as a Village Green site to protect it from development although that status does not convey any additional access rights. In addition there were some minor changes to the wordings.

This Pre-Submission Consultation is significant as it includes the statutory consultees. These include the South Downs National Park Authority, West Sussex County Council, Chichester and East Hants District Council, adjoining Parish Councils, Environment Agency, English Heritage, Historic England, Highways Agency, Network Rail, Homes and Communities Agency, Water and Electricity companies, BT as well as to interested parties such as the Sussex Wildlife Trust, local churches, Health Boards, local schools and local sport and youth organisations .

We are very interested to hear your comments. These should be sent to the Debbie Harknett, Parish Clerk at or by post to Soluna, 10 Barnside Way, Liss, Hampshire GU33 7LN.  Your comments need to be registered and collated so please do not send them to any other email address.

Throughout the consultation period, the documents will be available for inspection on the Parish Council’s website and the plan’s website and printed copies will be available to read at the Rogate Village Shop, Rake Garden Centre Coffee Shop, Flying Bull PH and the White Horse PH. The Council has printed a further 20 copies which are available from the Clerk or Rogate village shop.

Please let us have your response before 1st August 2017

You may also wish to contact a Parish Councillor to discuss the draft. You can contact the Chairman or another Councillor – meet the councillor page of website
After 1st August and all the comments have been processed, a revised and final document will then formally be sent by the Parish Council to the South Downs National Park Authority who will arrange its independent inspection and, in due course, the necessary referendum to determine whether or not the document is adopted as the Parish’s Rogate and Rake Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan – Pre Submission document – June 2017

The Rogate Neighbourhood Plan is intended to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood, choose where new homes and other developments should be built, identify and protect important local green spaces and other key assets for the Community as well as to influence what new buildings should look like.

The process will be overseen by an independent Steering Committee and will look at various local issues such as housing, affordable housing, business and employment within the Parish, getting about the Parish, our Community life and living environment as well as particular local issues such as facilities available for the young and old. The Plan will also cover traffic and access issues that are relevant to these topics. The Plan is not a Parish Council document but will be submitted to the Council to ensure it is compliant with other Local Plans before being voted on in a referendum at the end of next year.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity put forward your views in a framework document that will establish guidelines for all development within the Parish for the next fifteen years. The more individuals and sectors of the Community who contribute to the document, the better the resulting Plan will be our Community.

There is a separate website focused on The Plan which can be seen here:

You are invited to take a look around this site to see the ideas and provide feedback.