Grit bins

Grit bins

Grit bins are located:

Rogate Village Hall Car Park

  • GR SU80678 23936          what3words:  stubble.trendy.disarmed

Rogate-Nyewood: Haben Hill, lay-by near St Bartholomew’s Church

  • GR SU80748 23702          what3words:  anchovies.desk.birds

Rogate: Entrance to Parsonage Estate on A272

  • GR SU80555 23735          what3words:   slows.richly.permanent

Fyning Lane/A272 junction ‘sharp bend’

  • GR SU81281 23895          what3words:  emulating.tucked.digitally

Rake: Bull Hill/Canhouse Lane B2070 Junction

  • GR SU80396 27585          what3words:  puncture.calm.madness

Hillbrow: Knowles Meadows Estate entrance

  • GR SU78998 26074          what3words: mailings.musician.budget

Langley Lane/London Road junction

  • GR SU80872 27984          what3words:  rocky.slick.spearhead

Terwick Rise/Fyning Lane junction

  • GR SU81683 24564           what3words:  assess.servicing.donates

Fyning Lane by Willowhill

  • GR SU81206 24360          what3words:  beaters.confident.reports

Dangstein Lane, Tullecombe

  • GR SU80408 25496          what3words   modifies.panels.taller

Sandpit Hill by mountain bike track

  • GR SU80149 26134          what3words:  cheese.pacifist.waggled

South side of B2070 London Road, just west of Nightingale Cottage

  • GR SU80060 27537         what3words:  pick-up.picked.bitters

Top road near Tullecombe Wood

  • GR SU80840 25331          what3words:  firmer.factoring.apparatus